WEMOH consists of the initials of vision, inspiration, nature, elegance, knowledge and originality, which are essential elements of the brand. Each letter embodies an element of a certain lifestyle and symbolizes high-level outdoor lifestyle, and especially the original intention of “vision and inspiration come from nature, while elegance and knowledge contribute to originality”.

WEMOH embodies not only an original quality product full of imagination and inspiration, but also a natural and elegant lifestyle. By adhering to the brand concept of “The Art of Living”, WEMOH inherits but does not limit itself to European fashion style and keeps innovating on its design concept. It aims not only to extend living space to outdoors, but also to highlight taste of fashionable life.

WEMOH’s Brand Vision is determined to be an international brand leading the lifestyle trend of all weather furniture.

Looking into the future, WEMOH is going to further expand its brand influence, adhere to brand concept and fulfill its brand vision more quickly and steadily.